ZRFG- suspended...?

Yesterday, after winning a Time Trial, suddenly all my results (9 races) were deleted with the code ZRFG. The comment said that my power was unrealistic and that I must show my Strava account to prove my level but I don’t have Strava, only Zwift Power.

I’m a honest guy, defenitely not a cheater. I have a compatible Schwinn IC8 bike and trained some 3000 km with 45 km climbing to get to my current level (FTP 394).

It got better and better for me at Zwift and now this nasty ‘suprise’. I have no idea why Zwift would do something like this.

Has anybody experience with the same suddenly suspending and how to solve it…?


Edwin de Groen

Apparantly the Schwinn bike you use is known for overinflating power… see topic: https://forums.zwift.com/t/schwinn-ic8-spin-bike/171514

Thanks for your reply😊

Sounds like zwiftpower did that not zwift.unless I misunderstand.

Hi @Edwin_de_Groen

That was done by ZwiftPower (3rd party) the best is to contact Zwiftpower on their FB page or on the Zwiftpower forum.

Thanks for your reply!

It seems that it was an automatically generated reaction by Zwift Power…

I already contacted Zwift, events@zwift.com, Zwift on Facebook and Schwinn.

This bike should be compatible…but I don’t know who’s responsible for this malfunction: Zwift or Schwinn…?


I just posted a topic at the Zwift Power forum.