ZML and Garmin ANT+ speed and cadence sensor

So I have a regular Garmin ANT+ speed and cadence sensor on my bike, which is on a turbo trainer (not smart). I have Zwift running on a Macbook Pro which does have BLE. I have the ZML app on Android also with BLE support.

Will the ZML app detect my ANT+ sensors and relay that data back to my Mac with Zwift running (on the same network or via BLE)? I’ve tried but it doesn’t seem to - and the docs are not really detailed. My Android device does see my speed and cadence sensor using other apps.

Or is ZML no use to for this connectivity - do I still need and ANT+ dongle?

And is ANT+ support on ZML on a roadmap?


No you will need an Ant+ dongle since Garmin is Ant+ only.