Connecting classic trainer via ZML to Zwift


I have classic trainer without any smart options. I’ve got ANT+ sensors : cadence, HR and speed.

I’m using SONY Xperia Z5 Compact with ANT+, when I’m using Strava for example all sensors can be connected with my phone.

I’ve installed Zwift on my PC and also downloaded ZML on my mobile.

How should I connect all the devices to use ZWIFT ?

Zwift on PC sees the ZML, they are connected, but when i try to search for sensors, I do not get any results.

Right now I’m using trial version to check if it works, but I would love to get the full version.

Thanks in advance.

Robert: you need an ANT+ USB dongle for your PC, like the one Zwift sells in their shop at this link:

There are others ANT+ USB dongles, like the Suunto Movestick Mini, that work with Zwift and are available at retailers.

Thanks for your answer. I thought that i can use my phone as a some kind of transmitter :slight_smile:

You’re 100% percent sure, yes ?


The ZML can be used as a bridge for Bluetooth devices, not ANT+ so you would need an ANT+ dongle for those.