Zero miles recorded in Zwift

(Brett Nelson Race3R) #1

I do a warm down after every ride only 1.7miles, lately some have registered as 0miles. Is anyone having 0 miles logged files?

(Paul) #2

I believe rides need to be over 2 miles to Ben recorded.

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(Brett Nelson Race3R) #3

Maybe but i have plenty of 1.7miles recorded for warm downs.

(Mike ) #4

I thought that only applied to rides being copied across to Strava or other 3rd party sites.

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(Brett Nelson Race3R) #5

As in Strava only take over 2 miles?, i also have previous ones logged under 2miles. Must keep a eye on this over the next few rides. Never really had a issue previously.:sunglasses:

(Mike ) #6

That’s my understanding although I can’t remember where I read it. It’s to do with allowing people to do a short ride on Zwift to check setup etc without sending to 3rd party apps where you might only want ‘proper’ rides recorded.

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