Zwift Doesn't Record Ride/0 miles shown

Trying to help a friend of mine. He’s running Zwift on his Mac, and about half the time Zwift isn’t recording the mileage and climbs. The ride says it’s saved successfully, but if you see the pic, it says the stats for “this ride” are all zeroes. It was roughly a 30 mile ride.

Ride from yesterday worked perfectly, same setup.

I’ve tried to remove/reinstall Zwift, still same issue. It’s literally almost half the time, but with no rhyme or reason. Tried rebooting, updating, everything, and no change.

Well that says the ride is paused not finished

Thanks @Martin_Reading I know. That’s just when the picture was taken, but the ride, once finished, did not record. And it’s showing as zeros across the board. The picture was taken at 30 miles in, and the screen during the ride showed the mileage and elapsed time.

what trainer?
bluetooth or ant+?

It’s a Kickr v6, and it’s happened with both types of connection.

What leads me to think it’s not an equipment thing, and more of a zwift thing is that, during the ride, all of the metrics are properly displayed. Power, cadence, etc, so the data is flowing to the computer and Zwift.

Check logs write access maybe

Any cloud sync software managing the Documents directory? AV software?

It’s on a mac and the rides are in the folder that’s sync’d to cloud.

If it was a permissions thing, it would be a zero percent success I’d think?

Try disabling the cloud documents sync and test that way. This is more commonly a problem with Windows but probably worth trying since it’s easy to test. You can also contact support and have them look at the Zwift log files.