Zephyr HxM BT support

I’m trying to connect to a Zephy HxM BT HRM, but Zwift doesn’t see the sensor. When I open my bluetooth preferences, I see the device listed but in Zwift, there’s no sign of it. I’m running OSX 10.10.5 w/ Zwift 1.0 (apparently). My Bontrager DuoTrap cadence + speed sensor connects fine, but not my heart rate strap. Any help?

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Hi Nicholas - unfortunately that Zephyr BT unit was introduced almost 7 years ago, and as such it uses an older protocol that is now very uncommon.  Their newer unit, the Zephyr Smart uses the now industry standard Bluetooth 4, which is what we support.

We could look into supporting the older Bluetooth 2.0 devices, but only if there was enough demand to justify all effort of adding and testing it.   If anybody else is looking for support for this device just chime in below and cast your vote.

I’d love to have this feature.  My unit is perfectly functional still and I use it on my outdoor rides.  I’d love for it to work on my indoor pedalling too.

I’d also vote for that. I have an HxM sitting in my closet. Instead of buying an extra ANT+ stick I’d just connect all my sensors (Kickr, Stages and HxM) via bluetooth.

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