ZC connection issue

Why doesn’t ZC connect anymore? Apple TV, iPone, Wahoo Kickr, Zwift apps updated. I will get ZC to work until the next app software version at which point ZC doesn’t connect anymore.

You mean ZC won’t show you the Game screen?

Try rebooting your home router. For some reason your ZC device can’t see your Zwift game device on your home network.

Also make sure you don’t have Wifi Assist enabled on your ZC device, i.e. that it’s definitely using the wifi and not a mobile data connection.

Hi @Erik_Stokien I see how crucial is for you to continue using the Zwift Companion app connected to your devices! Are you using ZC as a bridge or as a controller in the Zwift game?

You must grant Zwift Local Network permissions to let the app pair and communicate with the ZC app, for more information you can take a look at this article.

By the way, thanks for your suggestions @Steve_Hammatt!

No luck. I did your check list as best as I could understand the tech terms and no bueno.

Still having the map part of ZC not turning on when using ZC app and riding. It appeared a couple of days ago whole trying to do a ride but when Zwift found and connected to a Wahoo cadence sensor that I wasn’t using. I forgot what I did to connect to all the correct Wahoo sensors but then the ZC map didn’t show again. Don’t understand why I have to be a space shuttle flight engineer in order to diagnose these problems.

iPhone 14
Wahoo Kickr v.4

I frequently update firmware and disconnected anything showing as connected to Bluetooth that is not Zwift/Wahoo. This issue began several months ago when I updated the Zwift apps. ZC map wouldn’t show, then after a couple of weeks it would appear again until the next time I updated the apps. Now ZC map doesn’t function at all after two firmware updates except yesterday when Zwift wasn’t reading the correct cadence sensor.

Would appreciate help.

It’s nothing to do with which sensors you connect to. Whether the map appears or not is to do with local networking, whether your ZC app on your phone can see your Apple TV on your home network.

Make sure WiFi Assist is turned off on your phone.