ZA Workouts on demand not in ZP?

I did workout #2 on demand and it does not appear in ZP. That’s normal?
I usually do these from the companion events schedule, not on demand. So this is new to me…not seeing my workout in ZP.

You might find it on the Activities tab in ZP. It won’t show up on your main profile page since it’s not an event.

thanks. I noticed some stuff gets put there and some does not. Like my Club Ladder race showed up as an event and the next Club Ladder showed up in Activities and not events. that is weird.

How many ladder races have you done as three show on ZP?

Ask about the Club Ladder events that didn’t show up in their Discord. Possibly a misconfigured event.

I have raced 4 times in Club Ladder. But 3 show in Races and the last one (this past week) shows in Activities. They should all be in races. I asked the question in the team chat on discord.