ZA Workout - Make-up Sessions?

Zwift newbie…I signed up for ZA and on Monday (8/5) went to do my first ZA workout - only to realize they are “scheduled” and not available on demand (or atleast it looks that way to me). Lesson learned…did another non-ZA Zwift workout. This morning, I attempted to “join” ZA Workout #1, but I got a spinning wheel and the application never let me in. I logged out and back into Zwift and it said I had joined, but it did not let me enter the workout. I am guessing it was a system load issue as I have not experienced this issue in the past for previous events.

2 ?s…

Q1. Does ZA allow make-up sessions? When do those occur? In looking at the Event Calendar, it looks like tomorrow ZA Workout #2 begins.

Q2. Any tips on how to join the popular events? I attempted to login 5 minutes before go-time and I got the spinning wheel for 3 minutes before I attempted the logout/login (which did not work either :-(.

Thanks in advance!

Having signed up the ZA 2019 Workouts are available to you under “workouts” after logging in. So you can perform the workouts on your schedule.

Q2: Monitor upcoming events from your ZA 2019 DashBoard. You can also sign up for the events from your dashboard.

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You can do the 2019 workouts solo, on your own schedule, or you can sign up to do some of them in group workout mode.

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From some past experience, it’s best to sign in and join the event sooner … more than five minutes before the start, perhaps ten.

Thanks Bob & Steve! Exactly the information I was looking for!!

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