'Your Best' numbers different for iPad and iPhone

I normally use my iPad for Zwift, but sometimes my kid wants to watch a TV show - so I just use my iPhone instead. Everything works A-OK.

But - the “Your Best” numbers are showing different - but everything else is correct. (km, time, etc - in the upper right box)…

See the screen below - for both iPhone and iPad.

That is “normal” for Zwift and not a bug per se. The best numbers are stored in a local file on the device IIRC and not their servers. It in essence is showing you your best efforts on that specific device.

No, I would disagree - it’s a bug.

Why sync the other totals - distance, time, calories and climbed - but not the “best” scores ? And the rider score BELOW the best times - and progress meter. Everything else is getting sync’ed.

Also, storing on the device doesn’t make sense - why would I care that my BEST time for the iPad is X, but on the iPhone, it’s Y.

If I get a new device - then those totals are lost ? Or - use a laptop, then it’s a THIRD set of best efforts…?

This is my “profile” page - it should be identical, where-ever I look.

It should be marked as a bug - and those ‘best’ times can be sync’ed.


My statement of it not being a bug was because it isn’t. It’s how Zwift designed the software, therefore it’s not an unexpected result. Whether it should have been designed that way or not is a different debate.

On a PC or Mac you can update the local file if you moved from iOS/AppleTV/Android. However on Apple and/or Android you can’t edit the file that stores your personal bests.


Seems odd - but thanks for the clarification… Hopefully they change it.

This amounts to poor design, it’s not a personal best, it’s a ‘personal best on this device’, which is kinda pointless. For the sake of saving a few more numbers on the servers, this really should be fixed.