Personal Bests - merging 2 or more set-ups

Hello all.

I’m pretty new to Zwift and I have a minor issue I wonder if anyone else has a work around for.

I have 2 set-ups. One uses a Mac mini and the other set-up uses my MacBook. Both connect to the same Zwift account and my rides all appear on Zwift as they should do. However… as Personal Best data is stored locally that data differs on each machine. So for example on the Mac mini my max 5sec power best effort is listed as 1195W bot on the MacBook it’s listed as 1258W.

Is there any way of merging the 2 so that data is the same on both systems?

My understanding is that the Personal Best data is stored here: User/Documents/Zwift/cp/

As the files are named sequentially I can’t simply copy the files over as both set-up have cp2_0, cp2_1, cp2_3, etc.

Would be better if this data was cloud based so you can easily swap between set-ups.

Any thoughts?


Tumble weeds

No one got any thoughts? Surly I’m not the only one who has more than one setup?

I agree it would be better if it was cloud based.

I think those of us that have different set ups don’t care enough to play with the files. I opened the file up and it was all encoded weird and so I decided it was above my pay grade.

Have you opened the files and found the same thing? Have you tried just playing around with the names? Eg if you move some to a different folder what happens in game to your PRs?