You need better help files

Not tech-naïve, but I’m four sessions into playing with the app & trainer and I’m still stuck on some foundational questions.

  1. in cycling - what’s the jagged band at the bottom of the screen that crawls left as you proceed? It’s not terrain (slope) - that’s on the map on the upper right.

  2. how do I export my log files from an ipad? I’m having the classing “my avatar just stops” even though I’m pedaling like mad - can’t troubleshoot it if I can’t get to the log files. I can display the list, highlight one, and then click the arrow to send it - nothing happens.

  3. I know you support a zillion trainers (tough problem) but it’d be worth a week or two of someone’s time to build a trobleshooting FAQ for the common ones.

I understand that the GPL load on a generic ipad is possibly too high for group rides. But I’m freeriding and having some issues…can you have a ‘recommended optimal setup’ for non-PC setups?

And if the app wasn’t so useful and good, I wouldn’t be whining, so please take that as a compliment.

I can’t answer all of you questions, but for the first one: this is the graph of your power output (and heart rate, if using an HRM) for the past 10 minutes. If you don’t want to see this, I’m guessing you swipe up from the bottom of the screen (or whatever makes the option bar show up on an iPad) and tap on the graph icon

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Apple TV seems to be an easy to use and less expensive option.