New emergency setup needed

Hi. My Wattbike has broken. I can’t see it being fixed quickly.
Desperate to race in tuesdays ZRL.

I’ve got a trek with a stages crank power meter/cadence
I’ve got Apple TV/ iPad/ or pc to use.

What do you recommend? Baring in mind a lot of stuff is out of stock.

FYI… Apple TV has to be Apple TV 4K.

I’d go w/Apple TV or iPad. PC/Windows has too many issues, due to varying hardware and their varying drivers. I’m not saying that it does not or will not work on PC/Windows or that it won’t work well, but Zwift on Apple gear is less likely to have issues.

That’s not quite right. The generation before the 4K works too. You just need an Apple TV with the “Siri” remote (the one with the awful touchpad).

He’s on about his trainer, not his Zwift platform.


Post up what options you have that are in stock (and consider eBay etc too). Then people here can comment on your options better.

Did not know that :thinking: As for the remote, it’s sensitive and tempermental requiring some patience. I know it could be much better, but I have not had the nightmare experiences as detailed by so many here or elsewhere :man_shrugging:

:sweat_smile: I totally missed that!

So you need a trainer very very fast. Do you have a local real life cycling club, with someone who may be willing to lend you a trainer for the day or sell you an old one?
Otherwise, check out Facebook marketplace / Gumtree / CraigsList / whatever you have in your country where you might be able to pick up a second hand smart trainer, which you could go and buy as a temporary fix and then sell on for roughly the same price when you get a permanent fix.

I just looked quickly and there are a couple of Kickr cores for sale on eBay (used and new) in U.S. if that is where you are. One used is in auction that ends in four hours is currently $770 and there’s a new one in Florida for $880. It’s a gamble buying on eBay but might be worth it if it works and can be sold on after your emergency. Good luck!

Thank you for your help. I’ve fixed the problem.