Yearly payements

Support told me to write here.
What I’m thinking is that if zwift choose to permit a yearly payment to us, they should promote a better price.
Today the price of 15 euros per month is very high.
With yearly payment they should downprice since they’re sure of payment for 12 month.
I’ve seen that all the world of services permit this solution and the price will arrive at 50 percent less than monthly.

many people like flexibility too though, being able to stop paying when the weather is nice and riding outside instead…

what if you get a sports injury and aren’t able to ride, or if you just decide that you want to quit the service but you’ve already paid up for 10 months into the future? long contracts can be a drag and can also create a lot of negative feelings towards a company.

from Zwifts point of view, yearly contracts at a lower price would reduce their income and also possibly make customers mad who get locked into contracts they want to exit. it’s not all sunshine and rainbows

Well, the point I think OP is making is that most subscriptions offer you the possibility to choose a yearly payment with a financial advantage while being “stuck” for 12 months, and a monthly payment for other users.

and I support the idea, since I’d love to have that

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It isn’t an either/or scenario - offer a monthly payment and a yearly one that works out slightly cheaper than 12 of the monthly payments.

seems to be what most companies offer.


One system is much simpler for zwift to manage

Plus you avoid the cheap customers selecting the cheap annual option and then getting mad about it later because they want to cancel

Why would zwift offer a lower cost annual sub? That reduces their income…

Zwift is a business. If it made business sense for them to offer annual subs they’d do it

They could offer a discounted annual sub at the same time as raising the cost for pay-monthly users to balance it out. :wink:

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Hahaha now that’s be really humorous, I’d love to see the customer feedback on that one!

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I’d certainly swap to the annual plan. It probably wouldn’t save a lot but on the other hand I don’t think the increase to people who want to pay monthly would be huge.

I pay £13 * 12, so £156 per year. If they offered £144 (i.e. £1 per month off) they’d lose £12 on my sub.

Adding £1 to the per-month price to make it £13.99 isn’t bank-breaking and to me seems a reasonable surcharge for people who prefer the flexibility of a monthly plan.

(Of course, I realise not everyone who might want to pay up front can necessarily do so, and it might penalise people who are on low incomes or have tight budgets; so it’s far from a no-brainer.)

That is only true if you make the huge assumption that every monthly sub keeps it active the whole year.

We don’t have access to the data but they could easily make more money, ie:
Monthly Zwifter at $15/month for 6 months = $90 this zwifter cancels for half the year to ride outside

Yearly Zwift at $10/month (made up number) = $120 and can’t be cancelled.

It all depends on the “sweet spot” of the discount to entice those who (or a majority of them) cancel their subs in warmer months to lock-in for the year. It can easily net the company more money and make accounting much easier as this would be a set time period. As it stands Zwift can’t really be sure how many of their subs will stay month over month as anyone can decide on a whim to cancel or move to another platform.

Option for monthly or annual would be ideal.
I would go for annual.

Certainly makes sense that the amount of folks who cancel for portion of the year could increase zwifts income if they instead became annual subscribers

I’d assume they did the math on that, but you know how that goes :beers: