WTRL ACE (it doesn't mean good)

I think your meme tipped them over the edge, James.

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Well is over for now…
This from WTRl by email ten minutes ago.
"On behalf of WTRL & Zwift, we regret to inform you that the much anticipated Segment Battle Point element of ZRL has been placed on hold and will not feature in Round 3. We know many people, including ourselves, were looking forward to this new element. The project has run into a number of unforeseen issues over recent days and the ZRL organizing team do not feel confident that it can be launched successfully at this time.

We greatly apologize for any disappointment this may cause you. Zwift Racing League will continue with the original formats and once we feel that everything is working optimally and accurately with SBP’s, we will look to run some test races later in the spring/summer."

Too bad they waited till so late (with races already started) to make that call. No one one my team knew before the race EMEAN North was over…

It wasn’t mine! I wish it was, but it wasn’t.

saved by the bell. DFL

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I have to agree that was quite a mess today. The implementation and the communication was disappointing as well. It does not make sense to me that WTRL did not test their systems properly, before launching the Segment Battle Points on tens of thousands of Zwift racers. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: They tried and failed in round 1, and now the same happens again in round 3.

So should the rest of us get Race Pass Functionality? That would definitely be great, but it’s not realistic. Zwift HQ could make a start by giving some kind of limited API access and start with a handful of race organizers. I think someone like @DavidP is the perfect person to guide some race organizers to closer collaboration with Zwift HQ.

Entertaining live commentary on SBP starting around 49:51 (from the group, not the streamer). The late-breaking intel probably affected the race.

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Why isn’t it realistic? Events have to be set up by the team anyway, it just requires a Url with a secret on the end to force entry in to a specific pen.

What you are saying is exactly what I suggested to Zwift staff, but it was not a viable option.

My interpretation is that Zwift HQ would prefer race pass functionality through API queries. However getting direct API query access has different kind of challenges.

Option A) Either we use their existing API environment (which only WTRL of the race organizers has access to), then Zwift would need to find assurance that, we, community organizers will not mess up their systems by either doing incorrect API queries, massing queries, or become a data leak for the outside world. “Just trust us, bro” :innocent: won’t be good enough, I’m afraid.

Option B) Zwift HQ will build a separate “Developer API” for the community. This will take way more time, and because it’s not a priority will take months or years or will never happen.

I’ll leave it to Zwift to add their point of view, but I think they are only willing to go for option B.

Zwift like to make simple things incredibly complex.

At the moment we achieve the same thing anyway by create a new race for every single pen through the events team. We are just asking them to make their own lives easier :man_shrugging:


And yet, that seems to be how WTRL have been operating all this time :upside_down_face:


Yes will probably be solved with an overlay (Guess)

I try both a few times. The detailed subcategorization in the Dirt Series brings it with it that they create perhaps globally fairer conditions, but among friends I know then not so many who could then start together (as in the ZRL) in a team. This makes the organization in private among friends not exactly easier, if not, for example, one or the other would like to start in a higher category.

The team idea is higher in my opinion in ZRL.

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