Wrong map shown for canopies and coasline

Today I road canapies and coastline as a free ride. But after doing the mileage there was now finishing banner so I thought it was maybe because I didn’t allow for lead in time. I kept riding but still no banner I stop at 38+ klms and finished the ride. In my zwift power files it shows as canopies and coastline but the route I have ridden is nothing like the route dippicted for can and coast. I did 1 and half the distance but no badges.
The map appears to be sand and sequoias.

I may have found my answer to this .the two routes share the same first half but there is a branch of to the coastline which i think is now part of the new southern coast trails. As I am level 9 I would not have access to the coastline. Until level 10 or. In a group ride/race. Maybe zwift need to add a note into the ride description stating level10 or above. Obviously the ride was redirected to a route I can access.

Same. Road 27 miles on this route today and never saw the coast. I finally just ended the ride.

Not obvious when you select your ride, Zwift could certainly do better, but you need to be level 10 to ride that route.

p.s - as you are new to Zwift check out this website, regularly, as it generally provides much more Zwift information than Zwift does.

Yes sir. Really appreciate the reply. Did get a good workout though!

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