Free ride never ends

Yesterday me and a friend joined a 27.5 km free ride on the Coastlines and Canopies route. We rode together and all was well for the first 20 minutes. But at a split in the road he went right, and finished his 27.5 km. I went left, and never reached a goal. Instead it seeemed I was now doing laps, sometimes racing some transparent ghost. But why this difference? I don’t get it, neither of us touched any controls? For me it has happened several times that I join a ride of a specific length, that turns out to just go on for eternity. Do anybody know what’s going on with this? I’m fairly new to Zwift and am trying to figure out how it works, but it does not go very well with that.
/Ole, Denmark

You need to be level 10 to ride the new Southern Coast section and you’re only level 8.

My guess would be that you were kept on the Tempus Fugit route, so you would have been seeing your Holoreplay ghost rider for the two sprints and the route.


Ah, thanks, that explains it. My friend is level 19. But where can I see that limitations apply to a route?

I had to look it up on the Zwift Insider website.

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