Wrong experience data in game dictionary


I am the developer of ZwiftMap and the zwift-data npm package. For those projects, I use the data of the “public” game dictionary (e.g. route or bike data).

In your May update from two weeks ago seems to have introduced wrong data to the game dictionary. With the update the experience (“xp”) value of some routes (e.g. Mayan Bridge Loop) changed to single digit numbers. I assume this is a typo or an error during the export. In total 8 routes seem to have that error. Even the two new (not yet announced) running routes include wrong data. I fixed things on my side for now by overriding that information with the correct data, but I assume you also use the game dictionary in your systems. Therefore, it would be great if you could revert these accidental changes to the state before the May update.

Probably same/related…

Yes, that’s exactly the issue. I didn’t go through all the comments of the update post.


Hi Andi @andipaetzold

From some of the replies I noticed in that other Forums thread, our team is aware of the issue and working on a fix. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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Seems like today’s update fixed most wrong data

The following three routes are missing the xp value completely:

  • Handful Of Gravel
  • Handful Of Gravel Run
  • Italian Villas Circuit

But better missing than wrong :slight_smile: