Wrong bike after event with assigned bike

A couple of days ago, I did one of the Ineos group workouts with the assigned Pinarello bike. I usually ride the Canyon Ultimate CFR and I would have expected to revert automatically to that bike the next time I started Zwift. Yesterday, I did a TdZ ride and discovered in the starting pen that I wasn’t on my usual Canyon, but the Zwift carbon! This is a very weird feature and caused a bit of last-minute panic.

I have had that happen a few times. What device are you using to run Zwift? If a tablet/phone/Apple TV, are you force-quitting after each ride? This may not help all the time, but it does seem to resolve a number of random issues. (Sometimes I even end up back in the ‘generic’ Zwift kit after an even with an assigned kit.)

Interesting, I haven’t noticed the kit issue but the surprise bike swap sure is jarring. I’m using my Macbook Pro.

@Kate , thanks for raising this issue to our attention!

I’m Steven with Zwift tech support, and I’m sorry to hear that your Canyon Ultimate CFR didn’t default as your assigned avatar bike frame after your group workout using an auto-assigned Pinarello bike. I get how that might be confusing, but I’m happy to help.

I had a look at your account, and it seems you basically always use the MacBookPro for Zwift and no other devices. So, this definitely didn’t have anything to do with your being logged in to your account on multiple different devices and having different assigned bikes on your avatar.

I took a closer look and I can confirm that your ride on Jan 24th ended with your having the Dogma F bike frame equipped. That much we know.

Ultimately, I’m still not 100% sure what happened here, but if I had to guess I’m thinking maybe Zwift didn’t know to revert your bike frame to the Canyon Ultimate CFR because the event showed as having not been finished. That being the case, I’ve surmised that Zwift didn’t get the usual triggers to set your bike frame back to the previously selected bike on your next ride, so it defaulted to the Zwift Carbon instead.

I did raise this issue up to the team to see if my theory has any merit, and if we can maybe identify a bug. Hope that helps!

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Thanks for looking into this, @Steven_D. It’s a bit strange that the event showed as not having been finished, since I did complete it and unlocked the Ineos socks at the end (which shouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t completed the event).

I agree that is strange, Kate. It could just be an oddball error in what’s being reported by our internal tools. Either way, if you run into this issue again, I’d suggest sending us a support request here.

If we can establish a verifiable pattern or trend, it might help to identify the issue and work towards an eventual solution.

UPDATE: @Kate . I did get confirmation that a new bug report has been created for this issue, so this is now something that the dev team will look into. Thanks!

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Fixed an issue causing event-specific bike overrides to remain after the event is over

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