Bike Change Issue: Possible Bug?


I bought a Giant Propel in the Drop Shop, and I equiped the bike.
Since the last update, my bike had a reset! It changed to the last bike I had equiped (Specialized Tamarc). I tried to change the bike to the Giant, but whenever I quit the game, the bike resets from the Giant to the Specialezed. I’ve tried to apply my Gaint on Ipad, Iphone, Apple Tv and Windows 10 and always reset the bike and rollback to the Specialized.
Today I took a screenshot in game, and I saw the Giant equipped, but my team mate took a screenshot of me, and I’m on the Specialized.
The screenshot with the Giant is mine, and the Specialized screenshot is from my team mate.

Does it happen to anyone else?


I’m having a similar issue. Each time I log on for a session, I have a random different bike. It was the MTB for a few days & yesterday was the Zwift Steel road bike. It seems to have started after the last update or when I did a Zwift event that put everyone on a MTB. I sent a request to Zwift and am awaiting a reply.

Yesterday was 1st April everyone was on the steel bike.

Your bike should stay the same now. Change your bike rid 5 km and save, it should all work now.