Auto default to Zwift Carbon bike

Something has changed. After each ride, then logging out, then back in, Zwift auto defaults to the Zwift Carbon bike, which I never use. In order to get my preferred bike, the Scott Addict RC, I have to first pick a route, then go into my garage, where I’m allowed to change from the Carbon bike to the Scott. Anyone else having this problem? Thanks for the tips and advice.

Yes, I had this issue on Monday.

On logging in I was on the Zwift Carbon bike. I changed it before joining an event. While in the pens I changed it again to the Zwift Concept. However others on the ride confirmed I was still on the Zwift Carbon from their perspective.

I haven’t used Zwift since, so I don’t know if it’s persistent.

It’s a known issue and there is a workaround…

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Should be fixed in 1.25.1 which may be this week (can’t confirm yet)

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Thank you James for your quick response. Glad a fix is on the way. It’s an annoying bug. Regards.

Cheers Paul, I hadn’t noticed that. :ride_on: