Kit and bike shown correctly to me, different to others

Category Enforcement Test Race, C Category, 10:00 am PDT.

I don’t know if this is specific to this race, or just a general bug… Watching this video of the race…

My avatar is in the wrong kit and on the wrong bike with the wrong wheels. I changed into the DIRT kit, onto the Cervelo S5 2020, and switched to the DT Swiss disc wheel before I entered the pen.

From my perspective during the race I was in the DIRT kit, on the Cervelo S5 2020, with the DT Swiss disc wheel set.

Apple TV, per chance?

Has been going on for years on that platform.

WIndows 10.

Ah, I guess that’s progress, then. :roll_eyes:

Now that I think of it, first time I noticed it is so long ago that it must have been on the iPad. Which isn’t surprising, because the Apple TV app isn’t really a tvOS app but just an iPadOS app with a thin layer of paint. Other peeps saw me in the start pen on a TT bike, which I had used before the event, but changed, and James Hodges immediately knew what was going on.

Back then I checked that repeatedly with mates on Windows. I would get their equipment changes in my game view, but not the other way around. It became just one of those many things that are broken and will never be fixed because they are known issues.

Oh well, good luck with that.

Heh. First time I’ve noticed but since I rarely see others’ views of my bike+avatar it could be happening frequently.

I suppose the more relevant question is “Which weight and drag numbers are used?” The bike and wheels I see, or the bike and wheels others see?

On ATV it’s the bike you see yourself (very easy to verify by changing to an MTB during an event that includes the jungle circuit).

Since you have a similar bug on a different platform, you’ll have to test that yourself, though.

Hi B @Gru

I checked your account and was able to verify that the kit you were wearing was in fact the DIRT 2021, so that’s confirmed. I’m still looking into the bike, but based on the evidence so far, it seems you’ve nothing to worry about. Your account shows that you had at least one of the items equipped that you intended regardless of what other riders were seeing.

EDIT: I just heard back from the team, and confirmed your avatar was definitely using the Cervelo S5 2021 during that event, B. We can track this as of the time you saved and logged out of Zwift after you finished the Category Enforcement Test Race event.

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Thanks for checking! I never would have known if I hadn’t seen the YouTube video…

Another bug to track down? Something specific to the new Category Enforcement Events? Or is this already among the list of known issues?

@Gru – I’m not sure if this is a known issue, B, but I’ll reach out to the team and try to confirm.

Ultimately, it’s graphical in nature or so it would seem. It doesn’t seem to be directly impacting your Zwift avatar in your specific Zwift app session, so nothing you would notice, and it just seems to be an issue with what other riders see.

I’d wager that numerous variables can factor into the equation here, including internet connection speed (both yours and that of other riders) and things that can block Zwift as it communicates across the web (e.g. VPNs, firewalls, etc…).

this has been going on for some time now, if you change your bike or kit while in the start pens then others will not see the new changes and will only see what you originally entered the event using.


Not something I was aware of.

However, in this case I changed kit, frame, and wheels before entering the start pen.

Hi B @Gru,

I heard back from the team and confirmed that this issue has been bug reported, and Zwift’s developers will work towards a fix. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!


Hey @Steven_D … have to say its great that you and your colleagues are very active around here and tidying up some of these older bugs with bug ID’s etc. :beers:

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Hi B @Gru

One additional thing our team would like clarification on is that we’d like to know what bike, kit, and wheels were visible to other Zwifters after you’d clearly selected the DIRT kit, Cervelo S5 bike frame, and DT Swiss disc wheels from your own perspective.

The video you shared was about 45 mins long, and I had a hard time picking you out of the crowd. Can you help us narrow this down? What timestamp in the video can your avatar be seen?

One of the best spots to see the virtual equipment is right near the start of the video while we’re still in the pen.

I’m shown in the green TheBigRing kit on a Felt AR with (I think) Zipp 858 wheels.

Another pretty good view at 2:31. I’m on the right.

And again (less cluttered) at 36:45.

I’m just scanning through here. I honestly haven’t watched the whole thing - I saw it once already!

Curious if this is the kit/bike/wheel set that was visible to ALL the riders in the race, or just some, or just the rider who captured the video…

Thank you for looking into this and for the quick feedback. Hope you enjoyed watching the race! :wink:

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This is great B @Gru , and I appreciate your help with that. I’ve forwarded this information to the team!

I’ve seen this behavior several times. Most common in something like a TdZ ride where everyone has the same kit and then at the end when we rejoin the “real world”, if I’ve been riding with my wife the whole time then on my screen my avatar changes back to regular kit on my screen and on her screen hers changes back to her regular kit. But on my screen, she is still wearing the TdZ kit and on her screen I still have the TdZ kit on.

I’ve also seen it in cases where a bike swap is done mid ride. The most recent example was I was going through the jungle to the Alpe and on a mountain bike. As I got there, my wife started her ride and chose the option to ride with me. She spawned as I was in the middle of switching to a road bike for the climb up the Alpe but on her screen I stayed on the mountain bike.

Thanks for sharing that info @Arend_teRaa ! As mentioned earlier in this thread, we’ve now got an official bug report logged for this issue and it’s with Zwift’s development team.

Since this specific forums thread is also tagged for that bug report, your comment and those of others here is highlighted for added visibility. Thanks again!


@Steven_D I know you’ve got an official bug report on it already and it’s purely cosmetic but I saw another example of it yesterday and got a picture so I thought I’d share the sequence of events that led to it. My wife and I were doing the same event that had a hill climb in it so prior to joining the pen for the event, we loaded up the game, went to London and then into the garage to switch from our Tron to a climbing bike. After doing that, we joined the pen. Then a few minutes into the event we were riding beside each other and from my perspective she was still on her Tron while from her perspective, I was still on my Tron. I have a picture that shows how it looks since we have side by side TVs - her view on the left with me on the tron, mine on the right showing her on the Tron.

Yeah, that’s been a bug for years on all systems - doesn’t happen to me very often, but I’ve seen it enough times to know it can happen to anyone. It’s most visible during TTT’s, as you’ve got five riders all wearing the same jersey and one outlier, but on that person’s screen, all six have the same kit.

Here’s an example of that from early 2021:

The guy in grey was our team captain, so we were joking with him on Discord that he was abusing his powers to appear in different kit to the rest, but he had no idea what we were talking about until he saw my footage afterwards! I don’t know whether he changed in the pens or just beforehand however.