Other Zwifters seeing my previous bike selection, not my current

I’ve done many rides before where I would join an event after riding on a mountain bike, tt bike etc where I would then change bikes to a tron, aero etc.

I would see in screenshots of their rides with me riding on a mountain bike etc.

It’s just not visually updating for them

I see a similar thread back in May 2020, but im posting this as a bump to that…

I think it’s a quirk that if you change bikes while waiting in the Pen for an event to start, what you’re describing is what happens. If you exit event after changing bikes, and then reenter the event, others can see your new bike. Some folks like to psych out other riders by switching to a buffalo bike or MTB before entering a race/road event and then switching in the pen to a regular faster road bike.

Nope. I was specifically aware of this and try to avoid it. I even log out and log back in then enter the event and it still happens

I have experienced the same when switching bikes during a meetup. Even though all members (2-4) in the meet up switch between a mountain bike and a Tron, what you see the other people riding could be different. Twice now, the avatar of the other person shows them on a mountain bike while they are actually on a Tron. It appears to be a graphic glitch and does not seem to impact the ride.