Bike swap did not swap

I rode in the jungle on a mnt bike and then went to a club ride in France. While in the pen waiting to start the club ride, I switched to a road bike. My screen showed me on a road bike, but my companions said I was on a mnt bike. Images in Strava proved this. I think Zwift considered I was still on the mnt bike because my sprints were worse than usual. Is there a way to tell if the bike swap worked, or didn’t, when checking in the log file?

The bike you see yourself riding is the one you are one. Sometimes if you change bikes after starting a ride or event others will see you on the original bike, but you have actually changed to the one on which you see yourself.

If you had confidence in this bug it would be fun to have everyone around you (and on other’s video streams) showing you on the Zwift Safety bike sprinting for a win!

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