Workouts stages by distance and elevation


I am a beginner “virtual cyclist” … In the virtual world if you have had enough cycling for the day. Then you stop and get off your bike.

In the “real” world you are actually still 5 / 10 / 15 km from home.

I would like a customise workout feature which instead of doing watts and duration, does distance and elevation changes.

This would allow me to plan a “real” route from my house or holiday location and train in the “virtual world” to know that I can ride the 30km or 15km or even 5km up a steep incline.

I would like to visit the Isle of Arran which is very pedestrian and cyclist friendly and do the 56 mile coastal loop. However, I am going to need to train and train hard, it is very hilly. I am going to have to know how far I can travel and how long in days !!! it will take me to go all of the way around.

So as a beginner “virtual rider” I would like your support for this feature as then you too could plan a trip or route and know you can do it (so long as there isn’t a head wind).

Thanks Alex