Virtual Velodrome

What do you guys think for a velodrome introduction with 200m, kilo, keirin etc races? Would that be a possibility or a thing? Sure velodromes are already an “indoor” activity in the winter, but for some this is impossible either because:

a) they dont have one except if they drive 200km away;

b) they want to check how it is but are shy;

c) they want to compete with other people globally and now its only vs the local guys/gals.


Make sure you vote up the existing requests for this feature.

they need a velodrome - something like the roubaix velo, which you can ride into - located in watopia;(has a lap counter like in volcano).  and the ability to leave it if you choose to. 

it also could be a good finishing area

Love this idea, would be great for some training workouts as well.

They have this feature on BKOOL, and its a fun way for a friendly and easy way to compete and get a good workout so thumbs up!

Yes please!

I love this idea for race/interval training & I’m one who doesn’t have an indoor velodrome anywhere within driving distance.

I’d like to see a mile or two “bike path” loop available to be used for warm-up & cool-down. It could have reduced data (no other rider info, heck wouldn’t even need to show other riders there) just your current stats (speed, watts, hr, cadence). After login, you could click “ride” as you normally do, OR click warm-up & spin 'til the legs are ready, do the recommended “spindown”, & then be able to opt back to the start screen to click on “ride”. Afterwards, instead of end-ride/save/exit, an additional option of save/cool-down could take you back to the bike path to spin out the legs and bring the hr back from the stratosphere. I would think the outdoor setting with the bike path could be used for any of the rides.