Workouts on Tacx NEO

Change of resistens takes about same time when going upp 100w or 220w (my workouts) and it takes way to long time, around 7 sec to turn the red numbers to black and another 3 sec to get it right. A classic 30-20-10 turns into a 20-10-0. A choice to get faster responetime in Workouts would be nice. 

When riding as usal the NEO behaves simply brilliant on Zwift, perfekt timing in change and so smooth.

I have latest firmware to my NEo and always the latest version of Zwift.



Hi Mikael,

Unfortunately, ERG mode has different ramp-up speeds depending on the manufacturer. Sometimes this can be fixed with firmware updates and sometimes its a hardware limitation.

Considering that the Neo changes resistance in SIM mode very quickly it is most likely a firmware issue that will improve with time.

It makes it impossible to complete a workout with 10 second intervals though. Why doesn’t Zwift have the ability to start the ramp-up before the interval starts to compensate?

Hi Hamish,

It’s a lot harder to program in than you might think but it’s something we are working on.

I think I may be experiencing the same issue in Zwift with my Tacx NEO. I did my first Zwift workout last night and perhaps because it was taking so long for Zwift to change the resistance in the trainer, i had to change gear (I didn’t realize it was taking so long) regularly to match the targeted power. In comparison, when I use the same trainer with TrainerRoad, the change in resistance is almost instantaneous. The weird thing is when I was riding over wooden planks and gravel, the Tacx NEO increased the resistance instantaneously. I had to switch to lower gears or lower my cadence to match the targeted power. I don’t really understand why, during a workout, the type of road matters. Just like doing a climb or descent during a workout, I don’t think it should affect the resistance.

Just FYI, my Tacx NEO has the latest firmware.