Neo Not Giving Full Resistance

I may be imagining this or not but for the last few rides I’m not convinced my Tacx Neo is giving the same resistance it used to be.
When I’m on slopes it seems I’m able to push easier and in a bigger gear than previous.

My times however haven’t got quicker.
I’ve checked all Zwift settings including weight etc… I run on max trainer difficulty and I’ve reduced the slider down and back again.
Anybody else heard of this?

Are you sure you are actually pushing a bigger gear than previously? Perhaps, you have gotten stronger?

If you are running at 100% trainer difficulty, how does your gearing and wattage compare to the same grade outdoors?

Do you turn it off when you don’t use it?

The trainer is turned off after every use yes.

I’m definitely pushing bigger gears. I’ve just done the fondo and i did most of the epic KOM in the big ring.
My wattage and times are pretty much the same as last week.
Can’t really compare to real life as i don’t use power meters and haven’t been out for a while (winter in UK)

epic kom in big ring? with max. resistance in zwift? emm no. something is way off.

Absolutely. Going to do the Alpe tomorrow.

If i get out of my lowest gear then i know it’s definitely broken.

I’ve done the factory reset procedure today although i doubt that’ll make any difference as I’ve never changed the settings.

To be sure… the Neo is paired as the “Controllable Trainer”?

Yes. I’ve unpaired it and paired it just to be sure.

just an idea … try another app like Rouvy … choose the road with some reasonable profile (gradient you are familiar with) and you should see/feel if there is any difference compared to Zwift - whether 10% slope in Rouvy is the same or different then 10% in Zwift. If both apps feel the same, then trainer is off (probably). If there is a difference between apps, the trainer is (probably) OK, and you should try to “fiddle” with Zwift.

Just for an update.

The trainer was faulty and went back to Tacx. Within a week I had a brand new replacement. Even better was that they replaced it with a Neo 2