Workouts not registering as complete in training plan

I have had the same issue for the last few weeks - completing the workouts, saving them and exiting the app. They are showing on strava - but with an odd time stamp - and then no record of having done them in either main Zwift app or companion app.

I thought it was maybe triggered by me having done a few rides out of sequence but this week I’ve done what Zwift told me to do and neither ride recorded as completed.

It is simple enough to mark them as “I did it” on the training plan in the Zwift app but annoying.

I hope this gets fixed soon as clearly a widely experienced bug.

This is happening to me constantly these days.

I always save the route from Zwift (on the Apple TV) (as per the workaround post early in the thread).

I end up having to mark the workout as having been done outside, but I don’t yet know what I’m losing out on.

At the end of today’s workout, it said something along the lines of “Great ride! Now just a couple minutes of cool down, and you’ll have another session checked off!”



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I have the sound issue sometimes as well on ATV - but I fix it by switching the tv to a different HDMI input and then back to the input for my ATV and sound restores.

Me too. This must be an issue in recent versions. My Build Me Up workouts are all in my list of activities so clearly I saved them. Bu I have to mark them all as done outside the next time log in. If I forget I lose credit for those workouts. Please fix this!

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Another observation today; I could have sworn I switched my jersey and helmet a couple days ago, and I’m sure I was wearing that jersey yesterday, but I noticed today that I’m back to my old garb. Strange things are happening in the Zwift dungeon!

I have the same issue, does not register the stars on the plan but does in the companion app. I had an email from Zwift saying they are aware of the problem and use the “i did it button”.

Same issue here. Also using iPad and iPhone. Only just noticed my session at the weekend didn’t register on the training plan and has now expired. :angry:

Just completed today’s session and it shows in Strava and on the companion app under activities but training plan still says it’s outstanding.

Same as the other users, saves in companion and Strava but does not update the training plan.
iPad mini 5
iPhone X

Same here - iPad Air 4, latest App version. Last 2 workouts of Gran Fondo Plan Week 5 done & saved, don’t show as completed.
Other observation: those “motivation comments” displayed during the last Over/Under workout didn’t match the actual Interval, really weird.

I have had the same issue now for about 10 days. I ride the workout and it exports to Strava and is also in my completed workouts but the training plan does not get updated. In fact the training plan often changes throughout the week, sometimes 4 rides, then 5 rides. If I quit the app and restart it seems to go back to normal but doesn’t register. I am using companion on iPhone 11 Max and Zwift on iPad. I have deleted the corresponding apps from all devices but still no joy.

Additionally i found that there is also a meetup bug in iOS where you do not have the option to keep riders together. Had to have an ‘Android’ friend setup the meetup for a recent ride.

Same issue here. Doing Build Me Up on a IPad Pro with the latest IOS14.4.1

Rides show on companion and history but non in app. Been an issue for me since the beginning the program.

All: this bug has been fixed in game version 1.11.0 that released today.

Please update your game app, especially for those on iOS / Apple TV / Android


This bug is still not fixed :woman_shrugging:

I’ve seen some other comments saying it is working now. Did you make sure your app is updated?

i updated the app and the workouts work great again as before … :slight_smile:

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Hi Mike . App is updated . I have 3 more training sessions on the TT tune up plan . I’ll try again tomorrow but today’s has certainly not been accredited☹️. It’s not the end of the world really it’s just annoying when stuff doesn’t work like it should . If it’s still an issue tomorrow I’ll drop you another email

Is there a way to mark past workouts as done in the plan? I ignored the error so far and am now in week 4. Collecting the workouts is half the fun and keeps me motivated. Would be nice to change „expired“ to „finished“. (Using mostly an iPad)

Lol. Good question. I was wondering the same thing. My plan ended before I could complete it. I worked hard for that extra badge or whatever you get.

I wound up getting new socks for that training plan, so looks like there is some avatar swag incentives.