Workout Xp in TOW 2023 free ride mode

Why is Zwift short changing me XP during TOW 2023 free ride whike engaged in a workout

Are you not getting any bonus xp at all? You only get the bonus the first time that you do each of the current stage’s routes.

You only get double xp in an event, not while free riding the routes… you just get credit for completing the stage

I don’t think that’s correct.

I did Eastern Eight as a free ride the other day and got double XP

Didnt work for me?

Seems like there’s a bug still there then.

I’m never 100% sure but my understanding of XP and TOW double XP is as follows:

Normal XP - you don’t get both miles/km XP and workout XP at the same time, you only get workout XP. Why would this be any different for TOW double XP.

If you complete a workout and then go into free ride don’t you get workout XP until workout is finished and then km/miles XP until you stop riding. Wouldn’t TOW XP be the same, double workout XP until workout finishes and then double miles/km XP until the TOW route is completed and then single km/miles XP until you stop riding?

Edit: corrected

Thanks Guys ,

I cant believe the amount of replies :sob:, I have not checked XP recently , my first TOW ride was 2 weeks back , Eastern Eight , 52km , I did as a free ride with a workout , I got some 2X XP before
I began workout , I was able to verify , did get some workout xp for completion of stars , at the end i did calculation i was no where near 2000 xp for the route.
I can confirm that no 2x XP if you wonder of course , etc like the Lama video a few weeks back , you still get 2x XP for not finishing route , if pace partner is on route your ok as well for 2x XP .
I haven’t checked 2x XP for TOW free ride with a workout , will do the maths on the next one , in the discussion comments , it has been attended to , hehe :smile:.
Thanks guys for the comments

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I have performed a follow up test , measuring xp throughout the 48km ride , won’t bore you and will get to theft of xp .
48km ride total , route was Watopia Figure 8 approx 30km , route completed , got green tick , started workout after 15min .
30km at 40xp (2x XP TOW route ) = 1200 xp
18km at 20 xp (1x XP standard ) = 360 xp
Completion of Workout = a few hundred xp
Completed 48km = 1204 xp
I could have got 1200 xp for just riding 30km Figure 8 without workout , as a minimum I should accumulated 1600 xp without workout , add workout stars into the mix a minimum of 1800 - 2000 xp is entitled .
A theft of at least 700xp , owe up Zwift :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .
Zwift you owe us xp .

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