Tour of Watopa Fall 2023-Stage 2 completed :without having driven it

Stage1: done, completed, ok.
Stage2: i registered, but i startet another event 30minutes earlyer. Then i was asked on companion app to switch to stage2, which i declinded… suddenly i got 40 xp!! but i was was riding with pacebot without joining stage2!..after some time i got again only 20xps…
When i checked in the afternoon companion app i noticed that stage2 was completet…but i never did it!

  • On-demand: once you’ve registered, you can complete a stage by riding the route in any way – not just as a ToW event! In a fresh twist, Zwift tells us we will earn double XP the first time we complete a stage’s route, whether we ride it as an event or a free ride. So free-ride the route, complete as part of the ZRacing series, do it in a Meetup with friends… it all counts toward completing your Tour. (Note: only ToW events award double-length powerups!)
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