How do you get double XP WHICK RIDES

Nowhere unless you’re level 50+ with tons of previously banked xp, as I per the new levelling system and the triple-chevron accelerated levelling that some get.

That was a Tour of Watopia feature. Ended November 5.

The Rewind series, Stage 3, the Volcano Climb, is a redo of a Tour of Watopia stage, presumably with double XP. I believe it runs December 18 to 24, e.g. this.

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I really doubt that has double XP. It’s not the Tour of Watopia, just using the same route.

That’s fair. I haven’t seen anything official from Zwift. I was relying on what the ZwiftInsider page says, and they’re not infallible, since they’ve got the event’s dates wrong.

It looks like stage 3 (only) is double XP according to @Eric_Schlange_ZwftIn

i only get 60 xp per km in these tours. I am on double xp acceleration and would have expected 80xp!

It did have double the XP. I rode that event yesterday and got the higher XP per kilometre. It showed as a yellow XP number.


It does though

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