Workout week 1 on FTP builder is broken or text is all wrong

Hi support,

just decided to start my very first workout plan, the FTP Builder. 5 hours a week, beginner, sounds good to me. I go into the Prep week and select the first workout.

As soon as it starts the ride, it starts talking about “This is the final ride of the week”, “this will be longer than the previous rides”, “intervals will be harder than the last rides” and all this other stuff. Is the Prep week missing some rides??? I restarted the whole Plan 3 times (wasting 15 minutes) to try and get round this.

So is the text wrong throughout the ride, or are there rides missing? What’s going on? This is a really simple QA issue which you guys should be on top of, and is extremely disheartening when you want to start doing workouts for the first time and then you’re not confident this is going to work or not.