FTP Builder Plan Order

Hi there,

I signed up for the FTB Builder Plan but I´m confused about the order of workouts. 1st week it tells me Tempo, Strength, Foundation, Foundation. But then it greets me in the 1st Workout Tempo with “Welcome to the last Workout of the week”. Otherwise, if I check the 6week FTP Builder under “Workouts”, the order is Foundation, Rest, Strength, Foundation, Tempo.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

I got the same problem.

Hi Adam,

I´m meanwhile in Week 6 and there are some flaws in that Plan. The presented order is not right. You can get the correct order of workouts on whatsonzwift. It then matches with the text shown in the particular workouts. Don´t know why this isn´t sorted right.

Secondly the “Strength” workouts are kind of confusing. It tells you to go Max Out for 10 secs, but if you do so, you´ll get no star because it´s limited to 160% of your FTP … and it tells you to reduce Power while going max out. There´s a thread here regarding this problem and the correct way is to max out, don´t care about the stars.

Otherwise I like the Plan and it´s demanding. Let´s see if it builds up my FTP. :slight_smile:

Thank you Michael! Yeah, I’ve noticed the strength training issues also, and, sticking to the instruction I do it with my max power. 160% FTP short intervals is like “meh”, no actual stress at all.

This appears to be a bug. You should contact customer support for help.

Still an issue today. Just started the FTP.
Builder plans and the ordering is still wrong
@shooj @Rowdy can we move tgis to bugs and get something looked at? Been over two years it seems since this was first noticed

Thank you for the tag, @Mark_Hulskamp. I’ll escalate this at HQ.

@Rowdy Thanks… Another weird thing I notice today is that the “target” watts on the companion app seems work in 1w numbers, but the zwift app works on 5w rounding. Example screenshots attached showing this from the FTP builder foundation workout. Target was 95w, Companion shows 94w. When companion gets to say 92/93, zwift app will show 90 as the target

Just on ramps (up or down) :+1:

Great, but it should be constant between app and companion, whatever it shows… :slight_smile: