FTP builder `Strength` workout flawed

Anyone else finding the glaring flaw with the strength plan on the FTP Builder. The 10 second flat out efforts if left in ERG mode are far too easy. Its suggesting my 10 second effort is actually half what it actually is. It does say on screen that its best to turn ERG off for those efforts but in doing so you fail to get the star because your effort it too high and because trainers take a while to spin down you also fail the short recovery interval . Thats 19 out of the 25 segments you fail which means you fail the ride. Surely the intervals should switch to Freeride mode` for the 10 seconds?!
Please sort this Zwift.

You get my vote James, i’m on first week of FTP builder and experiencing exactly the same problem.

I’ve got the same issue where the suggested watts isn’t enough for a proper sprint, but the instructions tell you to come out of ERG and go flat out. It’s an odd one, but I’m assuming that the intetion is that you do go flat out rather than suggested watts.

Not too bothered about the stars so will turn ERG off and see how many decent efforts I can put in.

If anyone sees this and knows whether that is right or wrong, please let me know!