Workout & Narration Not in Sync FTP Builder Week 5 workout

The 6 week beginner FTP builder week 5 Active Recovery workout. The narration isn’t correct for this workout. Please fix!

Hi @Leah_Power_WTRL_Draf welcome to Zwift forums.
By not in sync - you mean the audio track is not lined up with the on-screen text?

Please let me know, and I’ll add your reply to the trouble ticket I started.

I am currently doing this workout also. I noticed this also but there are many workouts in the 6 weeks where the narration does not match the workout. For example, the narration states only 10 seconds left when it’ actually 1:10 left, 1 minute to go when there’s actually 2 minutes left, etc. I noticed this at least 10 times if I remember correctly. I’m in the first workout on week 6 and there was this issue again.

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Yes. The words on the screen don’t match the workout. For example it will say there is a 5 minute Zone 1 section but it’s only 3 minutes.