FTP Builder training plan - workout has disappeared!

I started the FTP Builder training plan on Saturday. Set the duration to 4 weeks. It gave me a plan with 3 workouts in the “Prep”-phase (tempo, tempo and foundation) and then the 4 weeks after that.

I have completed those first 3 workouts on saturday, sunday and today, but todays workout does not show any more. If I go to the training plan now, there are only 2 workouts in the Prep-phase (the two tempo-workouts) and the plan progress page shows, that I have completed only 2 of 18 workouts.

So it seems like the number of workouts has changed during the last day - the workout i did this morning is not there anymore - the next one available is also a “foundation”-workout, but with different durations of the intervals to the one that I completed earlier today.

Why is this happening?

Investigating, will update soon as possible.