Workout uploaded to Garmin & Strava but no record on Zwift! What gives?

I completed the Tri Academy Bike #4 workout this morning. Zwift gave me credit for the workout AND uploaded my data to Strava (complete with a photo) AND sent all data to my Garmin Connect account.

What it apparently did not do was keep a record for itself. There is no record of this workout on MyZwift, the Companion App or Zwift Power. These was a darn hard workout that I would prefer not to have to do again. What gives? Why would Zwift upload the file to Strava and Garmin but not keep a record for itself?

I got the November 23rd update right before my ride last night and completely lost the ride. All appeared well after the ride but it did not show up in my Zwift activity feed or in my other accounts. For me, the Zwift app didn’t even save the in-progress or completed fit file for me to go back to for uploading. I’ve contacted support but so far only received a canned response with information I already know. Asked them if I need to re-install the Zwift app or if there are some other actions to take to prevent it from happening again. Will share more if they provide something useful. It’s very annoying to work so hard to put in a good ride and then have it just disappear. Ughhh!

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Thank you for the reply. I also did the update right before the ride and despite the fact that the data loaded to Garmin & Strava, no FIT file was saved. So weird… and upsetting.