Workout time and power do not start

You can see from the screenshot that even though when I start a workout the time and power do not move. It’s been like this for a while and I can’t ride my trainer. Can anyone help?

Can you take a screenshot of your pairing screen and post it, please?

This is usually because your trainer is not connected to Zwift.

Hi David,

Here is the pairing screen. Is that what you were looking for? Thank you!

There are two other things happening time to time even though the initial issue I posted is something that never even allows me to ride my trainer.

Issue#1 Sometimes time and power start but the power supposed to start in 70 watt but it’s not really 70 it feels like it starts in 160 it increases exponentially. However, that is not what the screen shows.

Issue#2 Sometimes time and power start but ERG never controls the power even though the ERG is on.

I’m definitely aware of minor ERG malfunctioning which typically gets back in 10-15 seconds but issue #2 is not that issue.

This might be a case of diverted pairing, where you have some other device that is connected to the trainer, such as another device with Zwift installed, or another app paired to the trainer

Hi Paul,

Very unlikely but I will double check.

Hi @James_Karadagli, Welcome to the Forums! I’m Norman from Zwift.

Two possibilities for this are connectivity issues or hardware issues, even if a connection interference is unlikely, is actually more common than one would think! That’s why we made a very detailed article that goes about solid Bluetooth/ANT+ tips.

I’d also recommend to double check if the Wahoo KICKR’s issues are isolated to Zwift or if they happen anywhere else. To do this, just download the Wahoo Fitness App (iOS/Android) and do some tests over there. Try and update the firmware and do a spindown calibration while you’re at it.

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