Power issue while trying to start training

Every time I start a training (from a training plan) the ~10 first seconds are very hard to pedal. It seems like the power is set to 700W. Is that a known issue? Any plans to fix it?
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Not that I’m aware of.

Assuming you’re in ERG mode?

Is your FTP set correctly?

And what is the first block of you program set at?

Are you leaving your bike in a high gear?

It sounds to me like there’s a delay in your ERG kicking in.

This isn’t a known issue. What trainer are you using?

If Wattbike, AFAIK that’s a Wattbike issue (I get similar sometimes)

Some trainers can be hard to pedal before it get the first ERG power level.

One way is to keep pedaling while setting everything up and also start in a lower gear.

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I am using a Wahoo Kickr
I also believe the root cause is related to the ERG mode taking to long to “kick in” but:

  • Is that normal?
  • If yes: Why does it choose such a high power when the ERG mode didn’t “kick in”?
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I’ve been having this too on a Wahoo Kickr, ever since version 1.40 it has been unusable via Zwift. So my workaround is to use the Wahoo app and manually control the power. It really sucks.