Power and cadence not matching up during workouts

Since restarting my Zwift workouts this winter I have been having nothing but problems.
I had ridden my Kickr Axis with Zwift for years without any issues leading up to this. Upon returning to my workouts around Thanksgiving I had updates available for Zwift and my trainer, which I completed.
I began to have issues with my Bluetooth connections and even having Zwift respond. Wattage and cadence were not working, power was acting up…

After doing significant trouble shooting on my side (updates, Bluetooth connections, testing trainer with Wahoo customer service etc) Wahoo sent me a new trainer.

Since the new (same model) trainer, all is working well for connectivity, however, during workouts the power/resistance has not felt consistent and as my cadence changes, the power is not automatically adjusting like it once did. As I hold an interval at the same cadence, the power gradually fades forcing me to continue to push harder. If I keep the prescribed power, the cadence is often quite lower than prescribed.
During the workouts, the cadence and power do not adjust for each other. I can hold one, but the other will not adjust.
it is almost like the Erg mode is not working. Typically, at a prescribed wattage, as you changed the cadence, the resistance should adjust, but it does not.

These challenges have been going on for several weeks and it is getting to a point of considering dumping Zwift for another platform to see if it will actually work.

Suggestions, please?

Test it using the Wahoo Fitness app. Do any firmware updates, calibrate using the Wahoo app if it’s a trainer that needs calibration, and do an ERG mode ride in the Wahoo app. If you can replicate it there, you have a good basis for talking to Wahoo support. Of course there’s no reason not to try some other apps as well - a lot of them have free trials or money-back guarantees.

I’m assuming you have the trainer paired for Resistance on the pairing screen. Without that there is no ERG mode.