Workout setting

Hi all, I’m using 7-d free trial now and is thinking to upgrade to monthly plan. I’ve started a 6-wk buildup plan for 3 days already, and want to increase the loading. Any clue to change the load setting in-between workout plans? Or should I quit the current one and have a new one?

Just increase your FTP and carry on with the plan you’re on. That will make workouts harder.

Do u mean having a ftp test, then the system workout will adjust automatically?

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Hi @Tomy welcome to Zwift.

Yes if you do a FTP test or ramp test your FTP will be adjusted automatically.

Thanks @Gerrie_Delport

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You can also manually adjust your FTP.

Click on Menu, Click on the Pencil under your name, In the FTP box you can manually change it:

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