FTP? What should i set it to?

When doing FTP tests, should i be adjusting the FTP slider to something?  What about the FTP builder workouts?

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On the tests: If you have been riding Zwift before, set it a little below what you know you can comfortably do (ie. if you’re riding along at 300w during a normal ride, set it to 260w) - it only affects the warmup and cooldown. The actual test interval is 20 minute free-ride, and your FTP setting will not affect this.

The FTP builder workouts should be set (automatically) to the result of your FTP test.

OK, thanks. As a follow up question…Would my FTP then automatically adjust as I ride more and as I progress through the structured training or would the FTP remain static untill I do a retest or manually adjust it?

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No, form what I have experienced it will adjust as you ride. I suspect you need to do longer rides for it to count.