FTP adjustment advice

I’m quite new to Zwift (2 months) and have only really been riding bikes regularly for about 16 months.

I did an initial FTP with the 45 min test which was about 202 (not too sure about how FTP works) then did a few rides then the 6 week FTP builder course. Most of the FTP builder training was ok, but the workout got quite hard towards the end, but still doable.

I then did a ramp test, and my FTP went from 202 to 212. The next workout I did was ‘Jons Mix’, and I got it done, but I found the high watts bits hard! Towards the last 15 mins I dropped the adjustment down 5% to complete the workout.

Should I keep my FTP here or drop it back a little?

  • for some background, I don’t have plans to ‘race’ or anything like that. I’m 50, and I just want to get fitter for health reasons. I would also like to go out on longer IRL rides and not feel wiped out after. It’d be good to do those 50K hilly outdoor rides and feel ok the next day.

Do what feels right for you. You could leave your new FTP where it is, and then use the bias adjustment in workouts if it starts to feel too tough.

Or if the workouts leave you feeling too worn out and you take a while to recover, which affects the rest of your life too much, then set the FTP lower.

Alternatively, you could figure out which workouts are good for you and which are too tough - not all workouts are the same, and some might feel fine while others feel like a complete beasting. Then you can avoid the worst ones.

At the end of the day, you really should do what’s right for you, so that Zwift is enjoyable, and you’re encouraged to ride and help your fitness. Not let it turn into something you end up reluctant to use.

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As Steve said, do what’s right for you - it’s about enjoying it…and I suspect it’ll take a few months for your FTP to settle on the trainer.

One thing to note is your FTP will change daily, it’s not a fixed thing. Some days you’ll feel good and will be able to push over it, others you’ll be wondering if you should drop it or wondering if some callibration has gone wrong :wink:

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