Workout not saved. (But saved into Zwift feed and Strava)


The last 2 weeks almost all my workout sessions are not saved in the workout/training plan. However they are saved into Zwift Activity Feed and Synced to Stava

So here the steps and problem.

  • I finished the workout, get all the stars from the workout intervals.

  • The workout summary screen said the workout was completed.

  • I clicked Ok from the workout summary screen

  • Clicked End Ride.

  • the photos are uploaded

  • then Zwift closed itself.

  • Then I check Strava the activity is uploaded perfectly fine.

  • Then I check the Zwift Companion app Activity Feed, the activity is uploaded perfectly fine. Even the Finished Workout badge is there.

  • However in Zwift Companion Training Plan, the workout is still available (not done)

  • I open Zwift app again, and yes The workout is still available (not done).

I am using Windows 10 on Microsoft Surface Pro 7.

Has anyone experienced the same problem? How to fix this?

Thanks in Advance

I have the same issue. Also with the multi sport plan. I know I completed the workouts and they are in my zwift activity feed and also synced to strava