workout mode: suddenly unable to achieve target power with Smart Trainer (Wahoo Kickr)

I was trying the new workout model last night. My setup is pretty simple in that I use a Wahoo Kickr with Zwift in ERG mode.  The workout worked well for the first 40 minutes or so. When the required watts on the workout changed (eg from 200 to 250), the resistance on the Kickr would change without me doing anything.  But suddenly after 40 minutes, when the required watts changed on the workout (it was from ~150 to ~200), the resistance on the trainer did not change.  The instructions on the Zwift screen continuued to say INCREASE POWER, but I could not do so.

Similar issue here - there did not seem to be any control of the Kickr during the FTP test. I could not detect any resistance change.

I had the same issue doing the SST (short), resistance was dropped after the 1st section and did not come back.

same issue here. was doing jon’s short mix to try the workout mode and went through first 1min at 440w and ERG mode working perfectly in warmup and through this 440w…after going through gate to end 1min 440w i stopped to see if my points towards new level score had moved at all. when restarting into second 1min 440w ERG mode seemed to be dropped and i was being prompted to increase power. 

does anyone know if workout mode counts towards getting to new levels? i didn’t not see the normal +20XP hitting up and didn’t know if workout mode does not go towards new level scores or if it is in the background asked zwift folks but not heard back

Jerry, ERG mode disables if we detect you failing a section of a workout to the point that it might be a death spiral (where the trainer grinds to a halt).   The ERG mode should kick back in on the next block of the workout.   

Shane,  In your case it sounds like the trainer didn’t go back into “road mode” for the FTP test and you were stuck still in ERG 150w mode.    Do you use a USB extension?   A USB-M dongle on a usb extension cord will eliminate some of the dropped packets, which can sometimes show up as a failed “mode” change like you experienced.

I’ve seen a Zwift bug which set my FTP value ludicrously high, like, around 400. You can edit your FTP in Zwift. Here’s a nice howto on Zwift support (link here). If you’ve forgotten your value, or never knew you had one, you could do an FTP test. I’m not sure, but you may need to set your FTP to a reasonable value to actually do the FTP test after your FTP value gets munged.