Workout mode not active on M1 Mac

Zwift works perfectly with my 6 year old iPad connected to a TacsNeo 1st Gen. via Bluetooth.
But on my new MacBookPro M1 the workout mode behaves very strange. After signing up for a workout, connecting to the TacsNeo, joining the workout and going to the pen, I can’t see the workout plan on the left side and the workout page in the companion app is not showing either. When the workout starts I can ride, I am even rubber-banded, but there is no workout for me, I can ride at any speed/wattage, as if ERG mode doesn’t work. When done I can save the ride as if it had been a normal ride.

Another maybe unrelated issue on my Mac M1 is that I cannot save any app settings (sound, screen resolution etc). They all default back factory setting when starting up Zwift next time, although Zwift has full access to my harddrive in the security settings.
Any suggestions what’s going on?

Are you running Zwift as the same user who installed Zwift? and is that user an admin?

I assume this is a recent install and is updated?

Yes, only one user on this laptop and I am the admin. But I solved the issue. It seems, my new Mac refused to create the Zwift folder in my Documents folder during the Zwift install process. Perhaps this was due to incorrect admin rights, but I’m not sure, since everything else works well. After I copied the Zwift folder from an older Mac to my new laptop, Zwift is running fine now.

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