Keyboard not working on Macbook Pro M1

Hi All,

Question for anybody running Zwift on Mac with new M1 processor (specifically MacBook Pro, but anyone with M1 please let me know!)

Both my partner and I have found on our new M1 MacBook Pros that once Zwift has launched and riding along, the keyboard does not function (i.e. no powerups, cannot press up to get to menu, change direction etc).

One thing I did notice, on my old Intel based Mac the ‘ZwiftApp’ window that is spawned via the Zwift application itself does show up as “ZwiftApp” on the menu bar, you can Command+Tab to switch in and out of the ZwiftApp window, but on the M1 even with the ZwiftApp window highlighted the menu bar still shows whatever app you were using prior to highlighting (e.g. Finder, TextEdit etc). Also cannot Command+Tab to Zwift, you need to manually select it with the mouse. To me it seems like the new ZwiftApp process that is spawned is not seen as a process with a GUI but rather a background process, so it is not able to be highlighted or capture keyboard input.

I’m working with Zwift support now but they believe it to be an Apple issue, I don’t believe so as it’s happening on two different Macs, but wanted to get all your input to see whether it’s just me or not.

Please let me know if you are seeing this issue or not. Thank you all for your time and input! :smiley:

are you running full screen or windowed mode?

Thanks for your response Rich. I just heard back from Zwift support and it looks like the solution has been found. The AV AntiRansomware I’m running on my system was mucking things up, even though I was allowing Zwift to modify the files/directories, something was going wrong and breaking things.

Disable AntiRansomware, problem goes away!

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The “AntiRansomware” just held your keyboard ransom in Zwift :smile:


Indeed it did! How ironic :rofl: