Workout and graphics in erg mode

(chaim wexler) #1

Just wondering   It seems there is no direct relationship between energy put out 

and the graphical environment when doing a structured workout in erg mode

the only thing that might change is the speed at which you are going but not the ability to increase that speed

so am I missing something or is there really not much value to seeing other riders 

in a graphical situation 


wouldn’t a variation of a bar graph graphics be more appropriate for the structured workout

(Jon Mayfield) #2

If you don’t care much that you’re out there in the virtual world with others suffering together, then there’s not a huge value to seeing other riders.   As for the graphics, I suppose seeing the 3d markers on the map showing start/ends of intervals serves a purpose for some, while others might be fine just seeing a clock count down.  It’s up to you.

Often when users are doing their FTP tests they’ll end up getting “ride ons” from other users to help encourage them during their time of pain, and to me that encouragement sounds like it’d be valuable to almost anyone.