Suggestions for UI enhancements

(Jim Hansen (Seattle)) #1

I’d like to see an (optional?) overhead course view on the screen that shows where you are on the course, and optionally, where your friends and followers are.  Similar to what you see in car racing games.   

This would help immensely with meetups and event organization (among other things).  


Perhaps in the lower left corner?


Also, I like seeing the power graph at the bottom of the screen in Workout Mode.  Any reason we couldn’t have the option to enable this graph for regular rides as well?  

(Jim Hansen (Seattle)) #2

I annotated a screenshot from an old car racing game to demonstrate what I’m suggesting.

Thinking about this more, adding this to the mobile app would be nice as well.



(Andy Zazzels #CTFU #VICC) #3

That would be really cool!! Hope this will be done

(power ups are for weaklings) #4

Different UI request…

For those of us without trainers that automatically adjust the resistance, it would be nice to have a thermometer-style graphic showing the current resistance level so that we can use the gears to create resistance.

Shifting according to the incline % readout is one way to achieve the same thing, but a simple graphic would make it easier.

(Thomas Walland) #5

Yeah, Power and Heart rate over time (like in the workout mode) would be great for any ride.